Friday, February 8, 2013

Grain-Free Diet: Week 1

I'm accidentally paleo.

I cut grains out of my diet for February. It's not actually paleo since I eat still eat legumes and quinoa daily.

I began this diet on February 1st. I have had some grains, but only in minuscule amounts. I haven't denied myself soy sauce or breading on fried chicken. But I haven't eaten any rice, noodles, oats, or wheat for the past 8 days. I allowed corn and potatoes but I only ate them on the first 3 days of the diet.

By the forth day of the diet, I lost my appetite. Usually I love cooking food for myself, but since Monday I have been relying on microwaved meats, raw vegetables with hummus, or plain boiled vegetables. I don't think much about food anymore and I'm never hungry. I just force down some food to survive.

I actually feel quite energized. I've been reading Getting Things Done by David Allen and actually getting a to-do list in writing. I designate a few tasks per day. Grading mountains of homework has been a breeze. I usually go to work exhausted and leave super-hungry. Today I just had some raw carrot and celery sticks with spicy tomato hummus for lunch, went to work energized, and left feeling normal. Since I'm not spending all day fantasizing about my next meal I've actually been able to get work done.

I never thought of myself as a person addicted to grains, but I was wrong. I used to have to have a baked good for dessert every day. I made a pan of Chocolate Chip Blondies at the beginning of the diet. I ate them pretty quickly but I have no desire to eat or bake any more of them.

Most people recommend upping your caloric intake by adding more fat to your diet if you lose your appetite, but I would like to see where this diet is going. If I end up losing a lot of weight, I'll just end up gaining it back once I eat grains again.

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